Hi, it’s me, Mr roy. My nickname is Dipu. but maximum people are known as Tapon Kumar roy Dipu. I live in a lovely country name Bangladesh.

Education: I completed my post-graduation (MBA) from the University of development alternative. But still, I am a student …. want to learn and learn anythings…

Occupation: I work in different organizations from time to time. But of those 2 organizations are most memorable. first is Nahida health Care Services. Whare is a friendly environment and lovely boss. She is not only boss also a great mother for us. Especially my Mum(BOSS) loved me very much. mISS U MUM,.

Finally, I miss my last office marketver.com. Al Amin Kabir Brother is a great man, Who helped me a lot, to learn SEO, Affiliate, Digital Marketing, etc maximum things. He is my Idol.